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The REDi X2 is a powerful USB rechargeable light for your bicycle, electronic step or scooter. It has 3 flashing LED light patterns and 3 matching Laser indicators for increased visibility and safety. 

Your own Virtual Bike Lane


 The REDi X2 features strong LED lights (150 lm) with 3 patterns. On top of that, it comes with built-in laser indicators for maximum 360° visibility and safety. We think they look absolutely awesome!  


Mounting your REDi is super easy and intuitive.
You're up and running in 3 seconds.


The Power of USB

Our REDi X2 comes with a built-in and powerful USB rechargeable battery.
A 1 hour charge gives you about 8h autonomy. 
Yes, you read that right.



The REDi X2 is fully waterproof and made to be used in the rain. 


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