Our Story

Born and raised in Belgium all four of us have cycling in our blood. From a young age, we would cycle around to meet up with friends during the day and night. Our parents would ensure we would bring our lights so that we would be visible. Now that we are older, we understand our parent’s safety worries. However, we forgot to grow up and still believe that looking cool is important.  Because let’s be honest, why should safety come at the cost of looking cool?

Our mission is to provide riders with a new, cool and unparalleled experience whilst increasing their safety.

Create your own bike lane

Our unique design allows 360 ° visibility by creating your own virtual bike lane. By having your own bike lane, you are no longer reliant on actual bicycle lanes. We believe this will provide all riders with the confidence to ride anywhere even on the most twisty and unlit roads.

Cool & Safe, an unlikely combo

Our prime objective was to change the rider’s experience. We realised the importance of safety especially considering that the majority of accidents occur when there are no bike lanes. Our lights don't only look cool, but they also improve your visibility and safety.



Bike lights get stolen all the time, especially the cool ones. An easy flexible attachment fixes that problem. Leave it on when your bike is in sight - Easy removal when you leave your bike behind.

Looking awesome is one thing. Being visible to others is another. The strong 5 LED lights create a flashing or solid pattern. The double angled laser pattern makes for that increased 360° visibility.

So you don't own a bicycle... Does that mean you don't need lights? The REDi X2 is designed to keep sharing platforms in mind. Bicycles, Electric scooters, Steps, Segways, ... whatever it is, our light fits.

We came, we saw, we invented

Riding a bike is not about conquering, it's about surviving. There is no debate, a bicycle is always in a weaker position than a car. The only thing you can do is level the playing field. We've created a next generation light. Add it to your gear and we are convinced it will be your favorite in no time.